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  • Black Hat Cooperative

    Commercial Windows HTC Vive Steam Oculus Rift Website

    Black Hat Cooperative is a two player coop stealth game. One player is in VR, sneaking past enemies and collecting treasure. The other player is on the computer and keyboard, with access to a full view of the map and hacking superpowers. Work together to survive and complete the levels! Local multi-player supported.


    Black Hat Cooperative icon
  • Howl

    Free Linux BSD Website

    Howl is a general purpose editor that aims to be both lightweight and fully customizable. It is built on top of the very fast LuaJIT runtime, and can be extended in either Lua or Moonscript. It has a minimalistic UI driven mainly by the keyboard.


    Howl icon
  • Ubuntu Touch

    Free Linux Website

    Ubuntu Touch is a mobile version of the Ubuntu operating system for mobile devices. It is adapted to run naturally in a mobile, touch-screen environment but is also capable of functioning as a desktop computer while in "desktop mode". This aforementioned converging of environments from device to device is where the term "Convergence" originates. Ubuntu Touch is made and maintained by the UBports Community, a group of volunteers and passionate people across the world, and is not in any way endorsed by or affiliated with Ubuntu or Canonical.


    Ubuntu Touch icon
  • Amino

    Free Android iPhone Website

    Express yourself, discover new friends and discuss your passion with like-minded people.


    Amino icon
  • Avee Player

    Freemium Android Website

    In essence a lightweight music player that also have folder browsing, equalizer, song cross-fading and video playback capability.
    Still most notable features are audio visualizer and easy HD video production.
    While all visualizers are extensively customizable - color / shape / size / audio reaction / your own picture and more tweaks.
    Mobile solution to not stop producing videos, even when you are on the bus, boat or just walk in the park.


    • Most popular media formats supported
    • Direct folder browsing with folder shortcuts
    • Customizable audio visualizers.
    • Export visualizer as hd video file.
    • Searchable library, queue, files, ...
    • Screen orientation lock
    • Read and save playlists (pla, pls, mpcpl, plp, m3u, m3u8)
    • Lock-screen and status bar widget
    • Supports media and blue-tooth controls
    • Sleep timer
    • Equalizer
    • Cross-fade and gap-less transitions
    • UI color skins
    • 2 types of internal players


    Avee Player icon

    Free Web Website

    Curious Cat is a small social networking tool that allows you to connect with your followers by providing them with the appropiate tools to communicate with you.

  • Taskade

    Free Mac Windows Web Android iPhone ... Chrome OS Android Tablet iPad Chrome Firefox OS Firefox Website

    Did you know that the average person has about 70,000 thoughts a day? Use Taskade to capture your ideas, goals, and daily tasks.

    Taskade is a friendly space for your checklists, outlines, and notes. Use it as your simple to-do list and task manager. You can instantly make a list and share it with your friends, family, and team.

    Taskade declutters your thoughts so you can focus on your tasks, ideas, and getting things done. Use Taskade to capture your ideas, goals, daily tasks and stay organized.


    • Create a beautiful task list, note, or outline
    • Collaborate with others, with real-time syncing
    • Share your task lists instantly using a share link
    • Easily invite friends and teammates to Taskade
    • Work together in a shared team folder
    • Task lists with a natural editing interface
    • Edit to-do lists like a word doc and document
    • Mark any items as complete, whether bullet, number, or checkbox.
    • Infinitely nested lists with indent / outdent
    • Tag and filter tasks using #hashtag and @mentions
    • Works on phones and tablets, with live real-time syncing between devices
    • Automatic syncing between your phone, tablet and computer
    • Simply tap to edit, like a text document
    • Easily expand and collapse outlines and lists
    • Beautiful and minimal interface
    • Simple, instant and FREE
    • Feel good, get motivated, seize the momentum and get things done!


    Yes, Taskade is completely free. Soon you will have the option to upgrade to Taskade Pro, which will have additional features like themes, sticker packs, and customizations.


    Yes. Create a group and invite your team instantly. It helps keep your lists and team organized. Members will have full access to lists in the group. Use Taskade as your collaboration tool to help each other get stuff done. Meeting notes, task lists, collaborative documents and processes are now in one place in your shared Taskade team folder. Unleash your team’s potential.


    Taskade icon
  • SUMo

    Freemium Windows Website

    SUMo stands for Software Update Monitor. Thanks to SUMo you'll be able to keep your PC up-to-date by using the most recent version of your favorite software ! Unlike build-in auto update features, SUMo tells you if updates are available before you need to use your software.


    Automatic detection of installed software
    Detects required updates / patchs for your software
    Filter / authorize Beta versions (user setting)
    Ignore list : only tracks software YOU want to track
    More compatibility and less false positive than others Update Monitors (according to users feedback ;-)
    Internationalization support.


    SUMo icon
  • microG

    Free Android Website

    At this point, several popular open-source applications like the secure messenger Signal already require some of Google’s proprietary libraries to be installed. Increasing demand in the free software community in addition to severe problems in Google’s proprietary software discovered by the Android modding community, have led to the development of a free software clone of Google’s proprietary core libraries and applications - the microG Project was born.

    Although most microG components are far from complete, users are amazed by the results. Free software users got extended application support, privacy-caring users can reduce or monitor data that is sent to Google and especially older phones can expect some battery life improvements. microG is not only used on real devices, but also replaces Google tools in test emulators and is even used in virtual mobile infrastructure.


    Service Core (GmsCore) is a library app, providing the functionality required to run apps that use Google Play Services or Google Maps Android API (v2).

    Services Framework Proxy (GsfProxy) is a small helper utility to allow apps developed for Google Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM) to use the compatible Google Cloud Messaging service included with GmsCore.

    Unified Network Location Provider (UnifiedNlp) is a library that provides Wi-Fi- and Cell-tower-based geolocation to applications that use Google’s network location provider. It is included in GmsCore but can also run independently on most Android systems.

    Maps API (mapsv1) is a system library, providing the same functionality as now deprecated Google Maps API (v1).

    Store (Phonesky) is a frontend application providing access to the Google Play Store to download and update applications. Development is in early stage and there is no usable application yet.


    microG icon

    Free Web Website

    Upload an image and share it without being tracked.

    Free speech image hosting, if it's legal in the USA, it's welcome.

  • CerebroApp

    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux Website

    Cerebro is an open source and free electron-based productivity software alternative to Alfred and Spotlight. It is focused on speed and good UI and UX. In most cases you don't even need to open another application, because you can see results right in Cerebro, like google maps, IMDB movies or contact details.


    CerebroApp icon
  • Dancing Ballz: Music Line

    Freemium Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    Dancing Ballz: Music Line is one of many tapping games which combine fast-paced gameplay with high-quality music beat. This game will create the amazing experience with a ball moving in zigzag line to match with dance music.
    Playing this is simple, the key is not to watch for deeps and turns only, but also listen to the dancing music beat and tap at the right time.

    How to play Dancing Ballz: Music Line

    1. Listen to the music beat, and tap to change the zigzag line moving direction of the ball.
    2. Tap the screen when “the ball” reach “the rings” - the signs tell you to make a move.
    3. Just follow the path and rhythm, remember not to fall off.

    There are many checkpoints in a song to help you get back quickly, but don't waste your life.

    “One Tap One Tune” - It’s the simple one tap only. You will never have to use 2 fingers at a time.

    Be sure to get your friends to play with and see who can be the best tapper!

    Game features:

    • One Tap One Tune: easy to play with just one finger
    • Finish a song to unlock a new one. There are a lot of free EDM songs waiting for you.
    • All new modern/trending songs for you to “dance” with
    • Unlock amazing theme/background with wonderful color each unique epic level
    • Let the music guide you through darkness and spin you around!


    Dancing Ballz: Music Line icon
  • Boostnote

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone Website

    Boostnote is simple note app, code manager, snippet manager and memo app for software programmers. Boostnote saves all of your information about development. Be a hacker's brain.

    Using Boostnote is totally free. Premium plan is coming soon!


    Boostnote icon
  • Camelcamelcamel

    Free Web Chrome Safari Firefox Website provides an easy way to track Small Amazon iconAmazon product prices, get alerted when prices drop and even see how prices have changed with history charts and other helpful details. The fully searchable web app is accessible online and through a browser extension called Camelizer, available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

    The Camelizer browser add-on provides product price history charts when visiting shopping sites. Simply go to a supported site and click the Camel icon to get instant pricing trend insights.

    Supported retailers:

    Amazon (US, UK, DE, FR, JP, CA)
    Best Buy


    Camelcamelcamel icon
  • GoAccess

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD Cygwin ... Docker Website

    GoAccess is an open source real-time web log analyzer and interactive viewer that runs in a terminal in *nix systems or through your browser. It provides fast and valuable HTTP statistics for system administrators that require a visual server report on the fly.

    Why GoAccess?

    GoAccess was designed to be a fast, terminal-based log analyzer. Its core idea is to quickly analyze and view web server statistics in real time without needing to use your browser (great if you want to do a quick analysis of your access log via SSH, or if you simply love working in the terminal).

    While the terminal output is the default output, it has the capability to generate a complete real-time HTML report (great for analytics, monitoring and data visualization), as well as a JSON, and CSV report.

    Key Features

    • Fast, real-time, millisecond/second updates, written in C
    • Only ncurses as a dependency
    • Nearly all web log formats (Apache, Nginx, Amazon S3, Elastic Load Balancing, CloudFront, etc)
    • Simply set the log format and run it against your log
    • Beautiful terminal and bootstrap dashboards (Tailor GoAccess to suit your own color taste/schemes)
    • and of course, Valgrind tested.


    GoAccess icon
  • Start Menu X

    Freemium Windows Website

    Start Menu X is a replacement of the system menu for professionals.

    Virtual Groups
    Group programs by purpose (office applications, graphics, etc) without changing their location on the hard drive.

    One-click start

    The PRO version allows you to assign a primary program to any folder and start it simply by clicking this folder.

    Flexible configuration
    Customize the menu to your taste! Change the structure and add tabs.

    The Start Menu series by OrdinarySoft includes: Start Menu X, Start Menu XP, Vista Start Menu, Start Menu 7, Start Menu 8 and Start Menu 10.


    Start Menu X icon
  • Org mode

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Org-mode is for keeping notes, maintaining ToDo lists, doing project planning, and authoring with a fast and effective plain-text system.

    Org is implemented on top of Outline mode, which makes it possible to keep the content of large files well structured. Visibility cycling and structure editing help to work with the tree. Tables are easily created with a built-in table editor. Org supports TODO items, deadlines, timestamps, and scheduling. It dynamically compiles entries into an agenda that utilizes and smoothly integrates much of the Emacs calendar and diary. Plain text URL-like links connect to websites, emails, Usenet messages, BBDB entries, and any files related to the projects. For printing and sharing notes, an Org file can be exported as a structured ASCII file, as HTML, or (TODO and agenda items only) as an iCalendar file. It can also serve as a publishing tool for a set of linked web pages.


    Org mode icon
  • Friendly for Facebook

    Freemium Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    Friendly is the most complete Facebook Lite and FB Messenger alternative. Built as an extension of the light Facebook mobile website, it preserves your battery, storage and data, while giving you back control over your news feed.

    Facebook Messenger
    No need to download another FB messanger app. You can chat and message your Facebook friends right within Friendly.

    Facebook Video Download
    Download videos from Facebook with Friendly. Easily save videos from Facebook so you can watch it later.

    Customize Your FB News Feed
    The brand spanking new Keyword Filtering feature for Android devices works in two ways: If you’re tired of seeing political posts, simply set your Keyword Filter to hide posts and articles containing the keywords “election,” “Republican,” or “Democrat”... and voilà: Any posts containing those words will not appear in your news feed.

    Conversely, if you want to see more posts featuring cats (or posts from a close friend), you can set a Keyword Filter to highlight topics and users. Why settle for Facebook’s less-than-ideal algorithm when you can take full news feed control with Friendly?

    Why You’ll Love Friendly
    • Download videos from Facebook
    • Take control of your news feed with Keyword Filters.
    • Sort your news feed by most recent posts.
    • Block FB Ads
    • No need for another Facebook messenger app
    • Secure your account with Fingerprint & Passcode Lock
    • Quickly switch between multiple FB accounts
    • Beautiful material themes
    • Fast Facebook lite app! Don’t settle for anything else.


    Friendly for Facebook icon
  • RAWGraphs

    Free Web Self-Hosted Website

    RAW Graphs is an open source data visualization framework built with the goal of making the visual representation of complex data easy for everyone.

    Primarily conceived as a tool for designers and vis geeks, RAW Graphs aims at providing a missing link between spreadsheet applications (e.g. Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, OpenRefine) and vector graphics editors (e.g. Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, Sketch).

    The project, led and maintained by the DensityDesign Research Lab (Politecnico di Milano) was released publicly in 2013 and is regarded by many as one of the most important tools in the field of data visualization.

    After a couple of years, the involvement of Contactlab as a funding partner brought the project to a new stage. DensityDesign and Calibro can now plan new releases and ways to involve the community.


    RAWGraphs icon
  • Zen Koi

    Freemium Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    Zen Koi is a fun, relaxing and stylish mobile game experience from LandShark Games. Grow, breed and collect beautiful Japanese carp as they make their way to mythological dragon form.


    Zen Koi icon
  • Have I been pwned?

    Free Web Website

    Have I been pwned? allows you to search across multiple data breaches to see if your email addresses has been compromised.


    Have I been pwned? icon
  • Dungeon Hunter

    Freemium Windows Web Android iPhone Windows S ... Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Website

    After stopping the demon invasion in the Kingdom of Valenthia, the world remains shattered - crumbling at its very core. Only the warriors of the Bounty Hunter guilds keep the peace now. And only the sword of one of their leaders can cast the monsters back into the darkness so we can rebuild.

    • Single-Player Campaign
      With your guild, embark on a journey of vengeance as a spirit-imbued hero, sword in hand. You’ll travel through five monster-filled realms and become the most notorious warrior and hunter of them all.

    • Cooperative Gameplay
      Hire your friends or other players as hired swords to help you on your fantasy adventure full of vile demons, brave warriors, and fearsome dragons.

    • Asynchronous Multiplayer
      Customize your Guild Stronghold with a large variety of monster minions, manage and defend it, and slash your way through opponent Strongholds to ravage their loot.

    • Craft your own gear with no restrictions
      Fuse and evolve up to 46 pieces of armor and 150 swords, axes, and more, to become the ultimate Bounty Hunter, slay the mightiest dragon, and bring honor to your guild!

    • Five Elements to master
      Strategically equip weapons, spells and armor from 5 elemental types – Water, Fire, Light, Nature and Dark – for a powerful advantage against any monster, demon or dragon.

    • Daily and Weekly Events
      The Daily Dungeon rewards your demon hunter skills with unique materials to evolve and fuse your gear. Or become the top warrior on the Weekly Wanted Challenge leaderboard for the ultimate rewards.

    • Unrivaled Hack 'n' Slash Action
      Discover the revamped controls and animation, bringing your warrior skills to life so you can see even more satisfying monster and demon kills at the end of your sword.

    • Superior Graphics
      Highly detailed, AAA graphics provide the most stunning fantasy gameplay experience possible on a mobile game.
      This free fantasy game is best suited for fans of hack 'n' slash, action RPGs, dark fantasy games, multiplayer and free adventure games.


    Dungeon Hunter icon
  • Blokada

    Free Android Android Tablet Website

    The best ad blocker for Android that works for all apps and does not require root. Free and open source.
    Blokada efficiently blocks ads, tracking and malware. It saves your data plan, makes your device faster and protects your privacy. It's free, open source and secure.
    Blokada works across all of your apps, not only the browser! It doesn't require root, supports both wifi and mobile networks, and is perfectly safe and simple to use. Just turn it on, and it will do the job silently!


    Blokada icon
  • Jimdo

    Freemium Web iPhone iPad Website

    Create your own free website and online store in minutes! 500 MB storage, load up 12,500 pictures, simple drag-and-drop interface and much more. Make your own website for free and no previous knowledge required.


    Jimdo icon
  • DTube

    Free Web Website

    DTube is the first crypto-decentralized video platform, built on top of the Small Steemit iconSteemit and the Small IPFS iconIPFS peer-to-peer network.


    DTube icon

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