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Collection Organizer Manager [Desktop app]


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Favourite game engines and frameworks

This is the game engines and frameworks that I use or have been using in the past and did like it. Consider them my favourite among many others I tried.

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My tweaks

My lightweight custom setup that mimics some of Linux features.

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AutoML: when you want to be completely out of the think loop.

Predictive analytics - machine learning is when a lot of data is used to predict some other data by finding which parts affect which other parts. The goal is to reduce RMSE and that is a pretty simple metric.

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Privacy on the Web

Addons and software that protect your privacy

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Essential Apps

A list with Computer program essentials that you might want to install on your computer.

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Wireless File Transfer (Personal List Best to Worst)

With and without internet 2, UI Ease of use 1, No Ads/bloat 2, free 1, Cross platform clients 1 /7

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Windows Application Whitelisting

Application whitelisting and anti-executable software for Windows

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Mattved's Toolkit The software I use on a day-to-day as well as less frequent basis.

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Apps made with NW.js

A list of Applications made with NW.js (formerly Node-Webkit).

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1337 }{4xx0r

Software used for 'hacking', privacy, etc.

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Programming in C# (C Sharp).

Here is a list of IDEs and some beginners tools specializing in C# Development.

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Point of Sale

This list is created to gather and learn about POS software from all around the World.

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Password Management Setup

I believe that Password Management is a very important step into organizing and securing your digital life. I made this setup as to how I approach this topic.

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Web Dev for Windows

Web development on Windows can be a pain due to compatibility with most modern web tools. Here's what to use to run an efficient web stack on Windows with a focus on free & open source tools.

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Missing features

This is a list of features I would like to see implemented in apps that are otherwise useful, or very nearly useful, but where the absence of the features makes it hard for me to adopt.

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Art apps

Art of All kinds

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Hand picked jewels for everyday use

A must have software collection free of charge, lightweight & portable

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