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  • CalcFusion

    Use Excel models to build new features and apps that can be integrated into your enterprise software and websites with CalcFusion.


    CalcFusion icon

    Commercial Web

  • Overcee

    A web based portal for Windows endpoint management and task delegation designed around a powerful and highly configurable permissions system. Overcee allows you to empower your Service Desk teams without breaching least-privilege standards.


    Overcee icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Windows Self-Hosted

  • Wisej

    Design and build complex Web Applications directly in Visual Studio using C# or VB.NET and a rich library of components.


    Wisej icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Windows

  • ipgeolocation API

    Accurate IP Geolocation API and IP Intelligence Data Solution Our API provides intelligent data points including country, city, state, province, timezone, local time, local currency, latitude and longitude, company information, ISP...


    ipgeolocation API icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Web Chrome OS Self-Hosted

  • Dungeon Builder

    Dungeon Builder is an Isometric Dungeon Map Maker that produces beautiful, high resolution maps with a hand drawn look.


    Dungeon Builder icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Mac Windows Linux

  • Aryson PDF Unlocker

    Aryson PDF Unlocker software is a proficient PDF security removal application to remove local restrictions from protected PDF documents or files.


    Aryson PDF Unlocker icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Windows

  • GrowBot Automator for Instagram

    This bot can automatically follow all of someone's followers for you. It has advanced filters to pick and choose which types of….


    GrowBot Automator for Instagram icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Windows Chrome

  • Train Valley

    Build railways, manage traffic and stay accident-free. Play in Europe, America, Japan and USSR in 1830-2020. Complete the story mode from the Gold Rush of 1849 to the first manned spaceflight, and then explore the random mode. Management.


    Train Valley icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Mac Windows

  • OneTrust

    Privacy Management Software.


    Commercial Web

  • PYXI for GDPR

    PYXI for GDPR: a really practical and useful solution for small businesses GDPR compliance. Includes: - GDPR Compliance Record-Keeping - Subject Access Request Management - Data Breach Management


    PYXI for GDPR icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Web

  • Cholesterol Down

    Take control of your cholesterol Based on Dr.


    Cholesterol Down icon

    Commercial $ $ $ iPhone iPad

  • IO Technologies

    Analytics and data delivery solutions designed specifically for digital media and retail.


    IO Technologies icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Web

  • SimpleSplit

    Know how to apply an HTML property? You can split test any of your HTML components. 14-day free trial. No card required.


    SimpleSplit icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Web

  • GoodGrids

    Convert CSV files to Excel spreadsheets via an API, web app, or Zapier. Use it within your web app to offer beautiful Excel spreadsheet downloads. Automate your repetitive CSV to Excel conversions.


    GoodGrids icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Web

  • Clouductivity Navigator

    With the vast number of services AWS offers, it can be difficult to get to the right place; we've taken care of that for you. Eliminate multiple page load times by getting where you need in the AWS console with no clicks.


    Clouductivity Navigator icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Web Chrome

  • Typeface 2

    Typeface is a wonderful font manager for macOS that helps you pick the perfect type for your designs. A minimal interface and total focus on your fonts makes browsing your collection exciting and easy.


    Typeface 2 icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Mac


    We network unlock all mobile devices from all around the world so that you can select any network of your choice any where in the world without paying any roaming charges and get a good price of your phone in case you want to sell it.


    Commercial $ $ $ Web

  • Basecamp Scout

    We are Scout - a GPS-enabled, Android & web-based sales tracking app that tracks plus connects Field Force to office & empowers businesses to digitize working,analyze sales,save costs, & have real-time reporting insights for...


    Basecamp Scout icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Web Android

  • Sable Doc

    Sable Doc is service which will host parametric templates and generate PDF (or XLSX) documents out of them with data which is sent in.


    Commercial $ $ $ Web

  • Stargazer Search

    Stargazer, pioneer in influencer marketing technologies, has added next generation Influencers Search into the Stargazer Suite. Stargazer Search offers SMB and agencies the tool to help marketers discover the best influencers.


    Stargazer Search icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Web

  • Republic

    For the first time in history, the majority of the US population can invest in tech startups. Invest as little as $10 in private startups and earn a return if the startup succeeds.


    Republic icon

    Commercial Web

  • Scraper API

    Scraper API handles proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs for you, so you can scrape any web page with a simple API call.


    Scraper API icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Web

  • Bench Accounting

    We give you a team of bookkeepers to do your books, and intuitive software to monitor your financials. It’s everything you need to do your bookkeeping—without actually having to do your bookkeeping.


    Bench Accounting icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Web

  • B2W Mobile App

    With B2W, employees in the field and on the road get a unified mobile approach for B2W Schedule, B2W Track, B2W Maintain and B2W Inform on any Apple or Android tablet.


    B2W Mobile App icon

    Commercial Web Android iPhone iPad

  • nanoloop

    Nanoloop combines sequencer, synthesizer and sampler in one package. It provides all functions for creating electronic music from scratch.


    nanoloop icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad