Apps for all platforms with Free License


    Creating blockchain-based, tamper-proof timestamps. Proving that data didn't change.


    Free Web Android Android Tablet

  • Crowdholding

    Crowdholding is an open innovation platform where the community and businesses meet to innovate and solve business challenges.


    Crowdholding icon

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • Webhook Relay

    Forward webhooks to localhost and expose servers behind firewalls and NATs without public IP/domain.


    Webhook Relay icon

    Freemium $ $ $ Mac Windows Linux

  • Health-PIE Digital Nurse

    Recover fast with your health app: - Set up medicine reminders. Track missed a dose! - Decipher medical records by Doctor.


    Health-PIE Digital Nurse icon

    Free Open Source Android

  • VeriPN Openvpn client for windows

    Get rid of Internet censorship. Free SSL-Bumped Transparent Proxy and Vpn services. Unblock any web site. Bypass restrictions and avoid hackers. VeriPN is a kind of privacy provider using encrypted data between client and the world.


    VeriPN Openvpn client for windows icon

    Freemium $ $ $ Windows

  • FHEM App

    FHEM APP for Houseautomation with FHEM.


    Freemium iPhone iPad

  • andFHEM

    AndFHEM is an application to control devices using an FHEM home automation server.


    andFHEM icon

    Freemium $ $ $ Android

  • Install On Air

    Distribute your iOS and Android application and install it over the air with our Best Platform for Beta App, iOS App and Android App Distribution. Upload IPA or APK file to generate your build for testers.


    Install On Air icon

    Free Web

  • Ably Realtime

    Ably is a Data Stream Network providing developers everything they need to create, deliver and manage complex projects. Ably offers unique peace of mind to stream data between apps, websites and servers anywhere on earth in milliseconds.


    Ably Realtime icon

    Freemium Web

  • gjfy

    gjfy is a single binary, standalone web server with only one purpose: Create links that automatically disappear once clicked. On first click it will show a "secret", for instance a password that somebody wants to send to someone.


    gjfy icon

    Free Open Source Linux

  • Fondu

    ICO smart-contract builder Hi there! I guess you landed here to lay the foundation for your crowd sale smart-contract or even build it here completely.


    Fondu icon

    Free Open Source Web Self-Hosted Ethereum


    The url shortener to increase ad conversionthe url shortener to increase ad conversion.


    Freemium $ $ $ Web

  • Instadp Downloaders

    See anyone's Instagram Profile Picture, Instadp OR Instagram display picture for free - full size.


    Free Web

  • snaprd

    Snaprd is a program that helps you to make snapshot backups using rsync. It will continuously fetch incremental changes from another server according to an intelligent schedule and maintain free space by thinning snapshots as they age.


    snaprd icon

    Free Open Source Linux

  • 0CC-FamiTracker

    0CC-FamiTracker is a backward-compatible extension of FamiTracker that includes various bug fixes and new features that are also supported in exported NSFs.


    Free Open Source Windows

  • dasht

    A collection of shell scripts for searching, browsing, and managing API documentation (in the form of 150+ offline documentation sets, courtesy of Dash for OS X) from the terminal or browser.


    Free Open Source Mac Linux

  • RoboKiller

    A paid application for iOS and Android users which blocks and pranks spam callers, such as scammers.


    RoboKiller icon

    Freemium $ $ $ Android iPhone

  • Free My Desktop

    I’ve been doing some screen recordings lately and I needed a way to quickly hide my desktop while recording and flip it back to visible once done in succession.


    Free My Desktop icon

    Free Mac

  • Blind Valet

    Web based application for managing live poker tournaments and leagues.


    Blind Valet icon

    Freemium $ $ $ Web

  • Tome Press

    Tome is for scholars and students to write online with media and community in mind.


    Tome Press icon

    Free Web

  • LnnkIn is a URL shortener which makes your long links short. Short Unlimited URLs, Unlimited Clicks and Redirects, Advanced Statistics with City, Country, Mobile and Referrer wise filter, Private and Password protected.


    LnnkIn icon

    Free Web Chrome

  • Mirror

    Pocket mirror is no more needed! Now you can use your phone as a mirror with lighting and exposure controls. Shave, put on makeup, check your look, tidy your hair and do many other things with this handy and useful app.


    Mirror icon

    Free Android