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  • Vectera

    Vectera creates powerful video conference rooms for effective conversations. We firmly believe that every interaction with clients matters. They are educated and demanding. Time is ticking, which means that any friction is too much.


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  • UniteAR

    An augmented reality application for android. It supports 3D models, 360 degree video, animated text, and images with great level of smoothness and interactivity that you will never see anywhere else.


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    Free Open Source Android Android Tablet

  • Cliqueshare

    Cliqueshare is a cloud-based collaboration platform created to provide a secure environment where a group of people can join together to enhance their life experiences by sharing photos, videos, and other media privately on their phones...


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    Free Web Android iPhone

  • CoinLore

    CoinLore - List of all cryptocurrencies including prices, market caps, charts, ranking, volumes and more.


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    Free Web Android Android Tablet

  • Memcards

    Memcards is a spaced repetition flashcard app for studying that solves the problems of "avalanche" and makes it faster to study decks by arranging them in grids.


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  • Rail Miner

    Rail Miner is an endless running game with a simple and addictive one-touch gameplay!.


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    Free Android

  • Bilingua

    Bilingua is your language exchange & learning companion. It connects you with other users who are fluent in a language you are learning, and makes sure to match you based on similar interests or personalities.


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    Free Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

  • Sieben

    A small android application to perform the seven minutes workout. It's very basic. you can perform the workout pause and resume an exercise jump to previous or next exercise english and german.


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    Free Open Source Android

  • AIVaid - Know Your Health Status

    AI Vaid has built by the best team of engineers and business tycoons to provide a matchless health care experience for the society. We provide various facilities so that patient could diagnose its health conditions and save their life.


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    Free Android

  • xeoma

    Xeoma is justly one of the best video surveillance software. Up-to-date design, user-intuitive interface, flexible settings is the formula for successful video surveillance.


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  • Chain Circles

    Chain Circles is an endless 2D game with balls and circles. Drag your launch and try to make as more damage as you can! The game gets harder the more waves you have.


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    Free Android

  • 2001

    Twerk your mind! 2001 is a unique game that challenges you to do fast number additions.


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    Free Android

  • Orphic

    Orphic provides you with a long list of cool words found in various languages, especially English.


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    Freemium Android

  • Hexa Mosaic

    Hexa Mosaic is a unique free puzzle game where you put together mosaic pictures (like jigsaw games).


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    Free Android

  • TerraGenesis

    Engage in space exploration and terraform new worlds in this fun and exciting planet building simulator rooted in real science. TerraGenesis dynamically animates entire planets with changing biospheres, all based on real data from NASA.


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  • Shazam Lite

    You can now identify all the music that you want with a less than 1MB to download app.


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    Free Android Android Tablet

  • On-demand Taxi Booking Solution

    Agriya launches its well-developed online taxi booking solution, a business-oriented solution developed specially for business to create a full-fledged taxi booking application. It also gives preference to users as well as drivers.


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    Commercial Open Source Android iPhone

  • kuroshiro

    Japanese language library for converting Japanese sentence to Hiragana, Katakana or Romaji with furigana and okurigana modes supported.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Web Android iPhone iPad

  • Monese

    Exclusive online banking.


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    Free Web Android iPhone

  • rclone Explorer

    rclone explorer for Android.


    Free Open Source Android

  • Bootkik

    Bootkik is a social network for business productivity that provides entrepreneurs with the exact steps they need in order to grow, and flourish, in their business.


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  • Trust Wallet

    Trust Wallet is a secure mobile Ethereum wallet that supports Ethereum and ERC20, ERC223 tokens. It provides a fully security audited system to send, receive and store digital assets.


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    Free Open Source Android iPhone iPad

  • Disneyland

    Enhance your next visit with an enchanting mobile experience.


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    Free Android iPhone

  • My Disney Experience

    The official Walt Disney World® app! Now it’s easier than ever to plan and share your vacation details—at home and on the go.


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    Free Android iPhone iPad